AlShati Strip Mall -

First Prize Winner 

O + B Firm


OMRAN ARCHITECTS is one of the fastest growing architecture companies in the Middle East. In the vision of OMRAN’s founder Dr. Mostafa Gabr, OMRAN become an interdisciplinary and innovative-based company. It is founded to enrich the life of people through creating innovative, sustainable and environmentally friendly urban living environments. Having simplicity as the essence of our design philosophy is the reason behind creating innovative, luxurious, creative and highly efficient buildings. We create the desired and comfortable atmosphere for our building’s users, believing that as we shape our buildings, our buildings shapes us. Along with professional architects and expertise from different disciplines, we create aesthetically valuable and inspiring communities in a great harmony with culture, history, communities, through applying the most recent technologies while putting into consideration our natural environment.

OMRAN’s fast growing business qualifies it to be one of the leading company in the Middle East through its projects. Omran provide its service in KSA, UAE, Qatar, Oman, Kuwait, Lebanon, north Africa,and Egypt.Omran has reinforced its distinguished credentials with a growing network of offices around the world – in particular the Middle East and North Africa region its second headquarters in the gulf region is in Al Khobar KSA under the name of Bina engineering to be more connected and closer to our clients.