Strato Architects


headquarters in Mexico. Our porfolio work includes a lot of different projects. The
specific approach in our design practice, it´s about the dimensions and the light, the
context and the place, and with the environment and the landscapes that we live on.
Our architectural design responds to specific costumer needs, with an ingenious
budget, we take an proactive approach for the building trades.

Our experience goes beyond geographical barriers; We are a studio with international
experience, our designer lenguaje it´s innovative, versatile, modern, fresh, and with all
that we can satisfy the most demanding challenges of the project. Supported by the
most advanced technologies for the realization of architectural projects, we create
works that stand outand give a unique character to the finished product.
Our design philosohy, it´s based in the sensibility of the the very essence of a project to
create a highly specific architecture that is both functional and poetic. Our design
approach is to study all aspects of a particular design program and develop a
consensus approach with the client, design team members and potential contractors .
Our valuelies in the high level of creativity, excellence and commitment that we provide
a our customers. We continually strive to maintain our mission to create the best
designs of our time.

In Strato Architects (AVW), we will always be focuse don not losing the enthusiasm and
ideas of our clients, for our studio each project is a unique project and we impregnate
that passion as an artist to his work , therefore , we understand that our creations are
pieces of art transformed into architecture.


Third Prize Winner